Ellen G. White (1827-1915) is considered the most translated American author, with books bearing her name being translated into more than 160 languages. Ellen was a woman of outstanding spiritual gifts, tireless in her mission to put into writing what she understood from God. Amazingly, her most translated book is one of the most succinct: Steps to Christ.

Ellen wrote more than 5,000 articles and 40 books. After her death, the institute that bears her name published many more volumes by compiling some of the 50,000 pages of manuscript that Ellen White bequeathed to it. Thus, more than 100 volumes signed by Ellen White are currently available. Amazingly, her most translated book is one of the most succinct—Steps to Christ. This is no coincidence, because this book is the distillation of her beliefs and the way she understood man’s relationship with God.

Steps to Christ begins and ends with the revelation that God is love. The fact that it has been translated into over 150 languages ​​indicates our need to know that Divinity loves us, without deserving it, that He forgives us, that He is understanding, although He does not compromise. In this book, Ellen White develops essential topics for the birth and spiritual growth of the Christian: prayer, repentance, confession of sins, faith, salvation, living with Jesus Christ.

She writes from her own experience and relationship with Christ, which clothes the phrases in warmth and sensitivity. The simple and applied language makes the ideas of the paragraphs easily overlap with the emotional needs of the reader. The way the book is written is exceptional precisely because it consists of spiritual essences, without tiring descriptive additions.

Ellen White presents the substitute death of the Saviour, which demands a response from humanity. Therefore, the reader will notice many appeals to a personal decision in favour of accepting God as Lord of one’s life.

You will not find distant recipes or cold mechanisms for gaining God’s favour in this book. Instead, each of the 13 chapters is a step that is part of the journey to reconciliation and walking with Christ. It is a journey into a meaningful life.

Therefore, the brief book can be seen as a basic spiritual guide for the postmodern human, which not only provides guidance for, but also invites the reader to a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.