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Science has proven that God doesn’t exist. True or false?

Science has proven that God doesn’t exist. True or false?

Marquis Pierre-Simon Laplace (1749-1827), a mathematician and astronomer and one of history’s most influential scientists, once had a meeting with Napoleon Bonaparte. Laplace came to offer the first consul of the republic a copy of his book, “Traité de mécanique celeste” (Treatise on Celestial Mechanics)—an analysis of the solar system that expanded on Isaac Newton’s conclusions.
A new theory of evolution or several complementary theories?

A new theory of evolution—or several complementary theories?

"Strange as it sounds, scientists still do not know the answers to some of the most basic questions about how life on Earth evolved. Take eyes, for instance. Where do they come from, exactly?" These are the words with which an extensive article published by The Guardian in June 2022 begins.

The pretext of ignorance is sold in different styles

Atheist evolutionists accuse Christians of offering explanations that blame everything on God when they have no other answer. In other words, God has become a pretext for ignorance. Without denying the fact that sometimes this is true, reality also has other facets.

Humans and chimpanzees

Is the chimpanzee the human’s closest relative in the animal world? According to the theory of evolution, the answer is a categorical YES. Specialised literature abounds in generous estimates of human-chimpanzee genetic similarity, ranging from 96% to 99%. But how are these percentages obtained, what assumptions do they hide, and what do they mean beyond the evolutionary interpretation?
spontaneous generation

Misunderstanding a “memorable misunderstanding”

The spontaneous generation of life on Earth is as likely as a whirlwind putting a Boeing 747 together using scattered spare parts in a junkyard.