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Is the Israel-Palestine War the Beginning of the End?

Is the Israel-Palestine war the beginning of the end?

The decades-long Israeli-Palestinian conflict has once again reached a boiling point—with the increasing escalation of violence and aggression between Hamas and Israeli forces.
i shall not hate

I shall not hate

Izzeldin Abuelaish wrote a book titled I Shall Not Hate, now translated into 13 languages, about the hatred that led to the death of his daughters. "Hate is a poison, a fire which burns you from the inside," he writes.
Does religion cause war

Does religion cause war?

Does religion cause war? It’s a firm yes from British zoologist and vocal atheist Richard Dawkins, who sees a direct correlation between the two.
city in ruins

The doctor who healed hatred

When war kills not one but three of your children, what is there left besides hatred?