I am captivated and deeply impressed by Jesus’s perspective on life and the world. He did not seek popularity, did not pursue power, and did not promote revolution. He did not rely on strategies and did not do politics. He did not come to criticize, He did not build His authority on the backs of other people’s weaknesses, and He did not come to destroy in order to make room for Himself.

Instead, Jesus came to profess the truth, to turn people’s attention to the things that give hope and life. These are, after all, the only things that are worth it. He did not focus on the fight against evil but embodied the good. Jesus provided an illustration of the perfect world He created and became a model that demonstrated the power of love, the value of trust, and the real possibility of change.

Heroes are those who in life, in special situations, offer the world the testimony of one or more virtues. Still, no other earthly or mythical hero has ever managed to change the perspective of the world so deeply, so simply, and so consistently. That is why Jesus, who did not promote revolution, set in motion a process of change which is revolutionary and unprecedented. He, who did not seek popularity, made history with His influence. He, who did not intend to hunt down evil, made evil look hideous and undesirable.

It is difficult to be like Jesus, but only if you feel that you have to live up to His standards. The most beautiful part of the gospel is the one that says that if we want to get there, Jesus Himself raises us to the standard, both in our character and in the way we live our lives.

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All we have to do is not get lost in the small things and not take our eyes off the Landmark. Let us not be tempted by the mirage of popularity, the pathos of criticism, the flame of revolution, the cleverness of strategy, the promises of politics, or the guarantees of power. It’s up to us. To us, as people, to each and everyone, but also to us, as the editorial office of this publication. This is the vision behind ST Network.

The image of ST Network is, first of all, a symbol that speaks of simplicity, an indication of our intention to explore more closely the model of Jesus’s simplicity. Secondly, the news on the STN website, both graphically and editorially, follows our desire to look closely at those angles from which information is truly relevant, to build instead of criticize, to usefully invite our readers to think further, beyond what is apparent or easy.

It is difficult to set such goals, but only if you feel that you have to rise to the standards by yourself. And we will strive to remember that this is not the case.