Live every day like it is your our last! Many use these phrase as a prop for their riskiest decision, or simply to justify a recklessly extravagant lifestyle. But what would our lives look like if we were to really live each day fully aware that it might be our last?

This is not a philosophical question for Amy and Adriano, the two protagonists of the first episode of ”Uncertainty: The Series.” Although they live thousands of kilometres apart in environments that could not be more different, they share a similar challenge: uncertainty permeates their daily life.

Amy suffers from a form of epilepsy that has her depending on lifesaving medication. She has a lovely family and two adorable little girls that fill her days with reasons to live. Yet details of her condition face her with an unwanted reality: she might not wake up tomorrow morning. Anxiety and depression are always looming, yet she is determined to be in control of her life.

Adriano lives on the bank of the Amazon river, fully dependent on its ecosystem. He is a fisherman and as the sole provider for his family, he lives his daily life like a warrior fighting against the forces of nature. Weather conditions and wild marine animals are his most feared enemies which he defeats every day when climbing onto his fragile motorized boat and sailing down the alligator-inhabited river in search for fish.

Amy and Adriano never meet each other during the filming of this documentary, yet their stories abstractly converge: even if they do not have the means to change their circumstances, they both find ways to fight, amidst those circumstances, for the things they love the most.

Their story is just the first episode in a five-part documentary that paints in touchingly vivid colours what faith in action really means today. According to its creators, quoted by TED (the Trans-European Division of the Seventh-day Adventist Church), the series will further explore the experiences of a migrant escaping poverty, a couple who desperately want a child, a man facing a life sentence for murder, and a woman working through the issues of terminal illness. Other episodes acquaint their viewers with the true challenges of being a rural farmer and the haunting worries of a person living with a motor disability.

People facing the prospect of this day being their last good day share their honest insights on a faith-fueled life in subtle and moving ways that are bound to inspire hope and to empower.

The ‘Uncertainty Project’ is a network initiative of GAiN Europe. The entire series, to be released during the summer of 2020, includes several films, five documentaries, a series of short video clips, and a book that will be released in October. Find out more by visiting the Uncertainty Project website. Make sure you also like the dedicated Facebook page in order to be notified of up-coming releases.